What To Expect

Your First Appointment

Getting to the appointment

My office is located at 1605 W. Church St. in west Champaign. Follow Church Street, a one-way street, west from Prospect Avenue. The office is in a two-story, blue house on the left (south) side of the street. If you reach Mattis Avenue, you have gone too far.


There is plenty of free parking on both sides of Church Street. The only place where parking is not allowed is directly in front of the home office, on the south side of the street, because of a fire hydrant there. Signs mark the no parking zone so it is easy to identify. Also, please do not park in the driveway. On heavy snow days, be sure to park on a side street because Church Street is considered a Snow Route.

When You Arrive

When you arrive at the home office, ring the doorbell and then walk in. I may be in a session, but if you ring the doorbell, that tells me you have arrived. Because the office is in a home, many people feel awkward on the first visit ringing the doorbell and entering. But since I am often in a session with a client or on the phone, it helps if you walk in on your own.

After walking in, take a seat anywhere in the living room area, where there is a couch. Feel free to read any of the magazines and newspapers on the end tables. There are also children’s books beneath one of the end tables. One of the advantages of a home office is that a house setting fosters a warm, welcoming environment, so make yourself comfortable and I will be with you as soon as I complete the preceding session. Note that there are two sound machines to give you privacy.


I ask clients to come to their first session 15 minutes ahead of time so they can fill out the following five forms:

A brief information sheet

A check-off list of symptoms that you might be currently experiencing, such as depression or anxiety

A consent-for-treatment form (which needs to be signed)

A notice of privacy of information form (which also needs to be signed)

An insurance form, for those who opt to pay with insurance


The First Appointment

Our sessions will take place in my home office, which has two sound machines to ensure complete privacy.


The first session is an opportunity for you to get to know me and get a feel for how I work and how we relate to each other. In addition, I will gather basic information about why you have to come to therapy and the issues on which you would like to work.


During the first two sessions, I also typically try to get a good understanding of your general psychological symptoms and learn about your history. For example, we will talk about how you grew up, your family dynamics, and significant and traumatic events.

With this information, we can then set treatment goals. It is essential that we both have a clear understanding of what it is you want to accomplish during our journey together.My aim is to help you build the skills that you can take with you when the therapy comes to an end. I want clients to leave therapy knowing that they have acquired the knowledge and ability, within themselves, to deal with the issues that brought them to me. Be setting clear goals together, we can make this happen.

  • My husband and I started to see Nancy almost two years ago because of some serious family issues. With her help, we have learned how to deal with family conflict in a more healthy way—for us personally and for our family. It hasn’t been easy, and it’s been a lot of hard work, but very worthwhile. Nancy is always honest with us and has always offered valuable insight in how to deal with the situations that we are in. We have grown considerably in our personal lives, but also in our marriage.

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  • I have to say that Nancy has been an incredible help in our marriage and in our individual lives. We started seeing Nancy approximately 15 months ago. Our marriage has gone from OK to great, and we are continuing to work on individual and marriage issues. Although we could actually be done because we have met all of the goals we started out to accomplish, we are hooked and are so excited about improving other issues in our lives dealing with work and parenting, that we have decided to continue on. I would highly recommend Nancy to any individual or couple who wants to gain insight into their life and improve it! Our insurance does not cover counseling, and although this has been a financial investment, we feel it’s the best investment we could have ever made. It’s provided us with excitement about growing older together!

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  • Nancy is a very compassionate and insightful therapist who has helped me to work through issues from my past as well as to deal with current problems. As a Christian, I appreciate this perspective that she brings to our sessions. The emotional healing that I have experienced is a direct result of working with Nancy, and I will be forever grateful.

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  • Nancy has been tremendously helpful to my husband and me. It was the anniversary gift we gave ourselves after 11 years of marriage. We often found we were still dealing with some issues we had when we got married. She was able to guide us toward solutions and see each other for who we are and not wrong or right. She has taught us how to communicate with one another again. I appreciated that Nancy closed each session with a short prayer that re-focused us on our own relationships with God.

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  • Nancy is someone who is absolutely amazing to work with. I definitely recommend her to anyone. She goes above and beyond, and I feel strongly that she is more than capable to do what she can to help me. I continue to learn different techniques, and I feel these are tools that I will use throughout my life. They have helped me immensely.

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  • Nancy consistently demonstrates the gift of discernment and the practice of empathy. Her ability to guide you to a place where you can hear your heart's voice and see a path toward peace is rooted in that practice. If you are ready to embark on a journey of self discovery, I wholeheartedly recommend Nancy.

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  • I saw Nancy as a 10-year-old child and then again as a teenager. When I became an adult, I remembered how much I liked her, so I decided to see her, which says a lot about the impact she has had on my life. I have even taken my own child to see her because I knew Nancy could help her just as she helped me when I was young. Nancy has helped me transition through various parenting issues and job difficulties, and she helped me uncover the fact that I have struggled with Attention Deficit Disorder. I also love the relaxing and comfortable home atmosphere. My daughter would have been much more uncomfortable if she had come to a sterile office environment; it would have put her on her guard. I have referred many of my friends to Nancy. She is amazing and really good at what she does.

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  • Many years ago, when my husband and I were first married, we had trouble adjusting to our new life together. We needed help as we weren’t able to constructively handle our problems alone. Nancy provided direction and clarity and helped us navigate through these issues. She helped me specifically by validating my feelings, which I had previously been unable to discuss. More recently, I had to make a decision, which left me in turmoil. I couldn’t sleep or think about this decision with clarity and carried around a heavy load of anxiety. Nancy helped me to sort through my thoughts and feelings and immediately brought light to my dark thoughts, and I was able to make a decision without regret. I highly recommend Nancy. She has been exceptional and trustworthy counselor.

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